English Manufacturing Has moved

We have loved our home in Sacramento, but to support our growth plans and to better service our customers, we determined that we needed a location that is more centrally
located and nearer to our key customers. With its central location, world-class airport, and pool of talent, Denver was an obvious choice. Our phone numbers, emails, and website
address will remain the same. Please make a note of the new address: English Manufacturing, Inc | PO BOX 29048 | Thornton, CO 80229

We look forward to a continued and prosperous relationship with you as we start this new chapter of growth and innovation.

explore our Sneeze guards for every situation

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Matrix is where quality and budget meet. Clean lines and minimal hardware makes Matrix the standard for non-adjustable sneeze guards.


Adjustaguard is the affordable, fully adjustable sneeze guard that lets you switch between full-service to self-service quickly and efficiently.


The most sleek, affordable, and versatile sneeze guard out there. Experience unlimited vertical and angular adjustability on any shaped counter.


When you are on the go, take English along to ensure the most attractive presentation for your catering. From board room to banquet hall, our portable solutions make you look great.

Custom Guards

Let us build a sneeze guard that meets your specific needs. We have decades of experience designing and fabricating custom projects that are unique and beautiful.


From heat strips, lights, end panels, or custom finishes, explore all the ways English can make your sneeze guards work harder.

what you can expect from English manufacturing


We partner with customers to craft custom food shields for any counter configuration. Let us help design your sneeze guards based on your specific counter design and operational requirements.


Communication and collaboration are critical components to completing projects on time and on budget. Our daily collaboration and teamwork ensures that each order is built with great care and precision.


Nobody has time to waste. On-time and early shipments is our game. We are always looking for new ways to save time and money for you and your customers.